April 10th to April 15th, 2023

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The Tree Climbing Instructor Leadership Workshop is a comprehensive professional development opportunity designed for tree climbing instructors who are looking to enhance their leadership and teaching skills. The workshop covers a range of topics including effective communication, group management, risk assessment, and advanced teaching techniques.

Led by experienced tree climbing instructors and educators, the workshop provides participants with practical instruction, hands-on training, and opportunities to network with other instructors. Participants will have the chance to share their own experiences and learn from others in the field.

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The workshop is held in a beautiful outdoor setting, providing the perfect environment for practical instruction and group activities. Through a combination of classroom sessions, group discussions, and practical exercises, participants will develop their leadership and teaching abilities and gain confidence in their ability to lead and inspire others.

The Tree Climbing Instructor Leadership Workshop is a valuable investment in the professional development of tree climbing instructors. It provides a unique opportunity to learn from experienced professionals in the field, gain new insights and techniques, and connect with others in the industry.

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Instructor Leadership Workshop in Puerto Rico 2023

April 10th to 15th, 2023

About the Location of the Event

Hacienda Lealtad is a historic coffee plantation located in Lares, Puerto Rico. Established in 1839, the plantation has a rich history and has been well-preserved to this day. Visitors to Hacienda Lealtad can take a tour of the property and learn about the coffee-making process, as well as the cultural and historical significance of the plantation. The property features beautiful architecture and scenic views of the surrounding mountains, making it a popular destination for tourists and history buffs alike. In addition to its historical significance, Hacienda Lealtad is also known for producing high-quality coffee, which can be purchased on-site.

Dates: April 10th – 15th

Location: Hacienda, Lealtad, Lares, Puerto Rico

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